Automatic Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar

Images Based on PCANet

IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 13(12), 2016, December

Feng Gao, Junyu Dong, Bo Li, Qizhi Xu

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Abstract: This letter presents a novel change detection method for multitemporal synthetic aperture radar images based on PCANet. This method exploits representative neighborhood features from each pixel using PCA filters as convolutional filters. Thus, the proposed method is more robust to the speckle noise and can generate change maps with less noise spots. Given two multitemporal images, Gabor wavelets and fuzzy c-means are utilized to select interested pixels that have high probability of being changed or unchanged. Then, new image patches centered at interested pixels are generated and a PCANet model is trained using these patches. Finally, pixels in the multitemporal images are classified by the trained PCANet model. The PCANet classification result and the preclassification result are combined to form the final change map. The experimental results obtained on three real SAR image data sets confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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