Sea ice classificaiton from hyperspectral images based on

self-paced boost learning

Submitted to IGARSS 2018

Dong Wang, Feng Gao, Junyu Dong, Shengke Wang

Last modified: 2018/1/15

Abstract: Hyperspectral imagery has evident advantages for sea ice classification due to enormous spectral bands. In this paper, we proposed a novel sea ice classification framework from hyperspectral image based on self-paced boost learning (SPBL). First, the criterion of linear prediction error is used for unsupervised band selection. Then, local binary pattern (LBP) features are extracted from the selected bands. Finally, SPBL is employed as the classifier to provide probability outputs using the extracted features. The proposed framework can capture the intrinsic inter-class discriminative models while ensuring the reliability of the samples involved in learning. The experimental results in real-world dataset demonstrate that the proposed framework is superior to several closely related methods

[ MATLAB code ]

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Last modified: 2018/1/15.